2014 was a busy year—it entailed working in my studio, teaching at Clackamas Community College, Sitka Art Center, and Atelier Atoner, San Felipe, Mexico. Yes, I returned to Oaxaca to continue my work with Guenda artists, prepare for exhibitions that we will have at the Museo de Santa Domingo as well as another exhibition will be shown at the Noel Cateyano Gallery in Oaxaca featuring ceramic ceramic artists who worked at Atelier Atoner, San Felipe.

I had a month to explore new ideas in clay and reunite with friends to continue our collaborations. And afterwards I had the opportunity to be part of a group called Cispes who went to El Salvador to witness the March 1 elections. This was an enlightening experience on many levels. It was an education on the history of El Salvador, and current foreign interests. We were there to simply function as observors of the electoral process it was a fair and transparent election.